• Microgreens are tiny greens harvested at around 10-14 days. After the sprout stage but before becoming a “baby green” or immature plant. In this stage of growth the plant has the most amount of micronutrients, up to 40 times more than a fully mature plant! These micronutrients found in the seed help the plants grow quickly to maturity, and they provide a nutritional powerhouse to humans too.

    Eating raw microgreens as a whole food instead of a powder or a supplement pill means that more of these micronutrients are bioavailable. Antioxidants like Vitamin C, which help your immune system; minerals like iron, potassium, zinc, and magnesium, which help your body repair and rebuild; and polyphenols which help reduce oxidative stress, are all found in microgreens. 

    In fact, 4 oz of microgreens can contain almost a full day’s worth of iron! 

    Enjoy microgreens in their raw form on sandwiches, mixed in salads, and blended into smoothies. They should not be cooked because that can greatly reduce the nutrition found in these mighty greens. However they can be added on top of hot meals or enjoyed as a side.

Why I grow microgreens

Marietta started by selling to family and friends, then at the local Robbinsville farmers market, where she learned what eco-friendly packaging worked best to keep her greens fresh. Everyone loved how her microgreens stayed fresh for a week or longer in the fridge, longer than any store bought! 

Marietta loved providing an easy way for her community to access delicious, nutrient-rich food. In a world where we are all struggling to eat healthier she decided that growing to order and delivering directly to the consumer was the best way to set up her farm. This process ensured maximally fresh produce for her customers with zero food waste.

As an avid gardener in the Garden State, Marietta knows that soil health is extremely important when it comes to healthy nutrient dense crops. 

“I grow my microgreens in soil instead of just coco coir or on grow mats. The same goes for the vegetables and salad greens I grow outside in the warmer months. Soil health is very important for these plants to be as nutritious and delicious as possible.” 

“How we grow is just as important as what we grow.”

She enlists the help of her three year old son to help care for the greens and deliver locally; so if you are in Mercer County New Jersey, pre-order your microgreens today!

For special inquiries please send us a message.